Disabled Bookings


Most venues handle disabled bookings directly in order determine specific needs for customers. If you require any information for venues other than the NEC, Genting Arena or Arena Birmingham please contact them directly.

the NEC, Birmingham

Genting Arena, Birmingham

Arena Birmingham

Please inform us at the time of booking if you need a wheelchair space or have specific requirements, so that we can arrange for everything to be ready on your arrival. We will also help you find the most convenient seating for visually impaired people. Owing to sound levels involved, we strongly recommend that you do not bring Assistance Dogs to concerts or other loud events. Please note that all ticket sales are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Access Requirements Register

We've launched a new registration scheme for disabled customers which will result in your access requirements being linked to your account. This will allow you to choose the right access online for all bookings we have access tickets available for. You will be able to purchase tickets online for both Arena Birmingham and Genting Arena.

When you register, Nimbus Disability will handle all of your information securely and safely without us ever having cause to see the detail behind why you need accessible seating options.

Help us to improve

If you have any suggestions or comments you wish to make, please advise a member of staff. Alternatively, write to:

The Ticket Factory,
Customer Services,
PO Box 3348,
B40 1NS