calling all superfans

To the screamers, moshers and laugh out louders. To those always at the head of the booking queue and front of the bar. Our new super fan membership has arrived. Giving you early pre - sale to the hot test tickets, exclusive discounts and unlimited bragging right s, you’ll never miss the unmissable again.


  Guilt-free queue jumping As a member you’ll enjoy early access to pre-sale tickets. So while your mates are manically buying with the masses, you can simply sit back safe in the knowledge you’ve already secured the best seats.
  We'll drink to that The pre-show drink. A chance to speculate over potential set lists, discuss previous shows and simply catch up with friends. As a member, it’s also a chance to save 20% on beverage for the first hour after doors open.
  Spot on Like band t-shirts and commemorative plastic cups, we understand parking costs can start to pile up when you’re a superfan. It’s why members get a 20% discount on parking at four events throughout the year.
  Random acts of gigness We love a spot of spontaneity. So throughout the year we randomly give members the chance to buy heavily discounted last-minute tickets in exchange for a small charitable donation. So keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.
  In it, win it As a superfan you’re used to giving it your all, whether that’s queuing for tickets or screaming your lungs out. The good news is you don’t have to do a thing to be entered into our monthly prize draws, where tickets, cool gear and signed merchandise are all up for grabs.